The Doctoral Program in Instructional Technology at Duquesne University has helped me to develop innovative and educational approaches to technology applications in K-18 learning environments. Courses infused qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, educational technology and leadership topics. Many other important topics were presented in the program, such as educational/curriculum leadership, ethics and social justice issues associated with educational technologies, as well as instructional program design and implementation. Synchronous and asynchronous courses allowed me to continue to think critically and ethically about appropriate educational technologies. The rigorous program also encouraged me to refine my skills as a researcher, scholar and presenter.

This learning was translated and applied in my work as an assistant professor and in educational consulting. It also helped to re-define my philosophical beliefs about educational technology, the arts and learning. This includes the belief that new dynamics are created when pedagogy, arts content and technology are infused equally together. Although the process is complex, it is important to consider these three areas in conjunction with one another as I do not believe technology-centric or arts-centric views honor the interdisciplinary nature of how people learn. When these areas are merged into one practice, unique and creative possibilities for arts and technology learning can be forged.

I am most grateful for family, friends and professors who have supported my work. Thank you very much!

Camille Dempsey

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