Articles - Future

Future Article Title Ideas (for my writing or co-articles with someone else):
Art & fear: The blatant disregard for creative capacity and divergent arts experiences in our schools (Not interested in the arts being a handmaiden to everything else that is wrong with education)
The culture killers paradigm (involving teaching to the test) (Where is aesthetics and whole child education?)
The creativity killers of America: The role of standardized tests in creating common children.
The role of common core, PSSA & keystone exams and standardization in creativity killing and children left behind
The Brick and mortar museum as a cultural bank of irrelevance (questions: If some don't visit museums, is there a need to change the context of artifacts & the arts and reconceptualize them in new digital spaces? Access issues for education? Are new mediums changing some people's need for less on a brick and mortar museum?)
Star Wars in the schools: Technology and the somewhere-out-there arts-galaxy (writing about characters/symbolism connected to real life contexts, power relationships, etc.)
Fantastical mythologies: Making up the stories that ignore the arts and technology in education. (idea to create a series of stories related to famous myths that parallel what is happening in our ed climate with the arts and tech).
Darth Vadar as your father: The story of re-discovering our collective arts & technology origins within the standardized testing climate. (killing the economic climate with testing)
Creativity, divergent thinking: A threat to the market-based system of education?
Power and privilege as tool for content area dominance and assimilation in market based education: Culture attack on arts & technology initiatives
Techno gypsies, border crossers and multicultural boundaries outside of ourselves through the arts.
Border crossers (Henry Giroux's Border crossings: Cultural workers and the politics of education
Routledge Publishing [1992],
Where is The Beef? Culture on the side and fast food models of arts (or just plain) education: Do you want fries with that? (Ken Robinson seemed to suggest this at PETE&C 2010, was he the first? Go back)